Recruiter tour


  1. Setup
  2. Specifying groups of interviewees
  3. Selecting interviewees and specifying slots
  4. Specifying time slots
  5. Inviting interviewees to choose slots
  6. Viewing interview signup and assigning interviewers

1. Setup

After logging into AIMS, you start by choosing settings appropriate for your organization. Click on "Setup" in the horizontal menu. (Click the image to enlarge it.)

Recruiter screen

At this point, only one item is mandatory: you need to select the venue(s) at which you will conduct interviews. For many organizations in the US, that will be the ASSA meetings. Institutions in Canada may choose both the ASSA and the CEEE, and institutions in Europe may interview also at the Royal Economic Society meeting.

Next, if you'd like to work in a language other than English—or in addition to English—select it in the next section.

Then choose the locations at which you will interview—for the ASSA, for example, choose the hotel at which you will interview. You do not have to do so now, but doing so will save you time later.

Finally, if you would like to share the final interview schedule with your colleagues and/or inform your interviewees of their interviewers, you need to tell the system the names and email addresses of your colleagues. You can do so by clicking the link at the bottom of the Setup page and pasting in a list of names and email addresses. You don't have to do that before you start to use the system, but it is probably good for you to look to see what is involved (you may need to get some data from your IT administrator).